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"Say Goodbye to the Holiday" The Song From My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, featured in "A Hearth's Warming Tail" Season 6 Episode 8 HD Lyrics in Description
Thank you Daniel Ingram, Michael Vogel and the entire team of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic team. :)
[Snowfall Frost (Starlight Glimmer)]
Happy Hearth's Warming, they say in the street
Happy Hearth's Warming, they think they're so sweet
Words said so often that they lack any meaning
Why should I join in when I could be intervening?
Everypony loves this cursed holiday
But would they be better off with it out of the way?
Well, okay
Say goodbye to the holiday
With my magic, I'll erase it
The greatest gift that I give today
And everypony will have to face it
No more little games for you to play
After you say goodbye to the holiday
Goodbye, Hearth's Warming, you had a good run
Goodbye, Hearth's Warming, it's over, you're done
Finally set free from your forced celebrations
No need to reply to your trite invitations
Calendar shorter by a single day
Is my magic up to the test?
Time to see, I can't delay
Say goodbye to the holiday
Prepare the spell, no hesitation
All memory shall fade away
See Equestria's new transformation
No more shall anypony say
Happy Hearth's Warming...
..after today!
After today...
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I could sing a better villain song, but I'll let lesser ponies have a fraction of spotlight since I'm so considerate
January 21, 2023
Are we just pretending that "Tricks Up My Sleeve" from Rainbow Rocks doesn't exist? Because it does. And it's a banger. And was performed immediately after locking your competition in a broom closet.
January 22, 2023