Dark Sparkle
by on August 23, 2023

                            Dark Sparkle Returns

                                        Chapter 1
                                 The Dark Memories

Dark Sparkle lying on a fragment of rock, in her secret lair in the mountains. Sighing heavily, she remembered the events from her past, and sometimes kept glancing up at the sky, as if trying to find the answers to her questions. Front of her eyes flitted various pictures, causing her to fall again into the dark memories.

Dark Sparkle earlier had been a student of Princess Celestia and together with her sister Twilight Sparkle learn magic. Skills of Twilight Sparkle grew rapidly, Celestia was in raptures, but mastery of the Dark Sparkle left much to be desired. She was very upset. Dark Sparkle saw that Twilight Sparkle was a darling of Celestia, and Celestia spend more time with her.

One day, Dark Sparkle decided it was time to change that. She stole her sister's book with spells and has bewitched Celestia, pours the potion into her beverage. Now the princess all her time spends with her, so Dark Sparkle's skill has grown significantly. Celestia forgot about Twilight Sparkle. The plan worked.

Twilight Sparkle noticed that something wrong and decided to check. When Celestia and Dark Sparkle went to the training, she snuck into her sister's room, and found there a book with spells, which is owned by Twilight Sparkle and which stole the Dark Sparkle few days ago. Twilight Sparkle realized that Celestia bewitched. She found the reverse spell, and when she met Celestia and Dark Sparkle, disenchanted princess. Celestia became very angry to the Dark Sparkle and although she explained everything, and even excused herself, Celestia still was angry at her. Twilight Sparkle too. They left, not wanting to see her anymore.

Dark Sparkle, sad, went to her room. At night, she went to the Twilight Sparkle to take something to read, because she could not sleep. Twilight Sparkle was fast asleep. Dark Sparkle decided to choose a book, and suddenly she found a book with dark spells, which she liked. She has already presented, as will all use it, will become the most powerful and invincible. By taking a book, Dark Sparkle left home forever.

Now she hides far in the mountains, thoroughly pondering plan of revenge, because soon she will return, and will carry out her revenge.

Sighing, Dark Sparkle got up and went, inspecting her possessions. Around were only rocks and mountains. where sunlight never penetrates. Dark and deaf place. Exactly for her.

Suddenly glance of Dark Sparkle fell on the hanging on a large stone, a photo of her sister, Twilight Sparkle. Moving closer, she peered attentively at the photo, in which her ​​sister was happy and cheerful, how once earlier, prior to their quarrel, before that terrible day. A tear swept down cheek of Dark Sparkle, but she quickly brushed away it. She must not succumb to despair.

Dark Sparkle knew, time has come. She must revenge. For all her suffering. Many years have passed since that day, but the Dark Sparkle till now can't forget it. She still feels the pain. But now it's all over.

- Toward me, my faithful servants! - she called out loudly, with imperious voice and her echo spread so, that her voice was audible in all the corners of her possessions.

Have appeared ponies, but so many that are uncountable their number. They came out of nowhere, the darkness surrounding them, and their eyes were burning fire. From the crowd came a pony, who headed the army, and bowed before the Dark Sparkle. All the others followed his example.

- What is your pleasure, madam? - Asked the leader, his head bowed politely.

Dark Sparkle looked around her servants and and detained look at the leader.

- I have a quest for you! - she declared and pointed the tail on the photo of Twilight Sparkle. - Find out where my sister lives now, what is doing, and how many friends she has, - Dark Sparkle narrowed her eyes. - After that, we will attack!

- As you wish! - Said leader, pretty smile. Nodding, he along with his army had disappeared, leaving the Dark Sparkle in the darkness and loneliness.

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