Sketchy Mane
by on March 16, 2023

Luigi is always seen as the "lesser" brother, but actually he's bursting with potential that even he himself cannot or has trouble seeing due to his reputation.

In a game like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, while Mario is taking the main path to rescue Peach, Luigi takes the side and secret routes.
Getting more mushroom houses and such in 3 and hitting the secret switches and finding Star Road in SMW.
This is the result of Luigi being an over achiever to compensate because he also thinks he's not as good as his brother despite taking the more difficult routes and performing harder techniques n' stuff to reach the secrets.
And Luigi also just doesn't get the credit he deserves because everyone is focusing on the main thing of rescuing Peach. They don't know or care about secret paths and bonus levels n' stuff. Defeating Bowser and rescuing Peach is all that matters.

This trend of Luigi going the extra mile would continue in the New SMB games. Mario would take the main path and Luigi would then be coming behind him to do the extra levels and worlds that Mario didn't do.

One game that affirms my headcanon is Mario 3D Land.
After you beat the main game, you then rescue Luigi at the end of the first bonus world. How did Luigi end up there? Hmm? 
And then of course, after unlocking Luigi, you'd want to use him to play through the rest of the bonus worlds.
Also how like in Mario Galaxy, after you rescue Luigi from the haunted galaxy (which that itself is like, how did Luigi get there before Mario?) and then he goes around finding hidden Stars! Stars Mario couldn't otherwise find himself!

Luigi lacks confidence and wants to be as good as his brother when in reality he already is and is even better in some ways.

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