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Be yourself.

ANTONYMPH is about indulging your passions and fixations, regardless of if some internet rando wastes their time berating you for it. There’s so many things in the world and online to fall in love with and to find happiness in, and you should never feel ashamed of it if your intentions are genuine. I used to feel guilty about enjoying music that wasn’t rock or classical, so I wrote an epic dancepop anthem as a message to my childhood self. I used to feel self conscious about my love for MLP and other fictional media, so I embraced the most unapologetically pony themes. And it was a long journey to becoming as openly queer as I am, so I queercoded this song an album so deeply to fulfill that previously empty and dark part of my heart. I imagined this scenario where the usually-reserved Fluttershy discovers a passion for the internet, making friends (and partners) online, and indulging in the colourful world of songs and videos and shitposts it has to offer.

The music video itself is filled to the brim with tons of little secrets and details, especially lots of references to some of our favourite things from around 2007 - 2013. In some cases, I asked illustrators and animators to pick something that inspired them the most from that era and they came up with stuff that I had even completely forgot about up until then. It’s like a retroactive time capsule, or perhaps a musical and visual scrapbook. I also included lots of photo and video memories and moments throughout my life; spot them all, and you have a window into my life as far back as 2010, up until now.

This song and music video was a passion project. I wrote most of it in isolation, but eventually opened up to writing it with a few of my closest friends. It felt right to be able to share this experience with them. The moment I started to realize what this song was becoming, I began to organize the music video. Overall this was the hardest song on the album to make and the most ambitious music video I’ve ever taken on. Please read the rest of the description and acknowledge the brilliant collaborators that I shared this creative space with. It was a huge honour and we all worked so hard to make this happen. #Antonymph #Fluttgirshy #CutiemarksSuck

Download “ANTONYMPH” when you pre-order “CUTIEMARKS”:


☁️ Vylet Pony ☁️

Written by Vylet Pony, Voreburger, AstroEden, CalamariSpider, Sylver Stripe
Music by Vylet Pony
Vocals by Vylet Pony
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Vylet Pony
Additional recording by AstroEden
Additional arranging by Voreburger

[Hell yeah’s by: MataSchmata, Voreburger, HomieRicky, RobClemz, Zephlō, Cyeion, Smolschu, Omegacreeper, Caedon, Deselp0, Aqua Grass, Aaron Dee, Sylver Stripe, LeoLeonardoIII, BlackenedBlue, & SnowyBlue]

Album cover by Voreburger
“Flutt-gir-shy” Designed & Conceptualized by Voreburger
Video Created & Directed by Vylet Pony
Graphic and Typographic Design by Vylet Pony
Illustrations by: llustrated & Animated by: Voreburger, MataSchmata, Nootaz, AstroEden, Syrupyyyart, Calamarispider, NekoSnicker, Bunxl, ChibaDeer, Retromochi, CassettePunk, Voidmoth, GalaxySquid, BlairVonGlitter, Hazelnoods, Stereo Flier, Anticularpony, Huffylime, Fizzlesoda, Opossum Stuff, and Wutanimations

Additional Fluttershys by GreenscreenPonies

(There were lots of credits, so I tried to link everyone’s primary platform or link-hub of some sort)

☁️ Voreburger ☁️

☁️ Sylver Stripe ☁️

☁️ AstroEden ☁️

☁️ CalamariSpider ☁️

☁️ Mata Schmata ☁️

☁️ Nootaz ☁️

☁️ Syrupyyyart ☁️

☁️ NekoSnicker ☁️

☁️ Bunxl ☁️

☁️ ChibaDeer ☁️

☁️ Retromochi ☁️

☁️ CassettePunk ☁️

☁️ Voidmoth ☁️

☁️ GalaxySquid ☁️

☁️ Blair ☁️

☁️ Hazelnoods ☁️

☁️ Stereo Flier ☁️

☁️ Anticular ☁️

☁️ Huffylime ☁️

☁️ Fizzlesoda ☁️

☁️ Opossum Stuff ☁️

☁️ Wutanimations ☁️


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Heaven Beat
i can't watch the video but GOD i love vylet's music so much, it makes me so happy : D
February 1, 2024