King Sombra

Were you told or did you stumble across it?

I was summoned of course.

Poll: Found or Summoned
King Sombra
January 11, 2023
Found or Summoned
Chess Checker
Someone in a Discord server I'm in told me about it. There was an older iBrony – same logo, too – that I had signed up on in 2012, and I'm shocked to see it return 11 years later. I don't know who would do such a thing, but thank you!
Rainbow Bean Acry told me about it, checked it out and happily joined
Nylten Emeda
LB and Echo told me about it. Finally had time to register.
Techie Screenglow
I shared a screenshot of iBrony from late 2012 with a friend, and he decided to enter the site url before I could tell him that the site died long ago. Lo and behold, a new version of the site was up and I couldn't believe it.