Hello everypony, I, the GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie, have graciously created this thread as a welcome discussion.

Whether you're new here or have some history, I comma- er we would all be delighted in hearing your stories as I welcome you to iBrony!


Twilight and her band of boobs didn't think it was possible, but that's just how GREAT and POWERFUL I am!


I have my own history with iBrony, however that is for another time and place, for now I must go!



Trance Sequence
I just stumbled here, I never used iBrony much back in the original form, my hangouts were elsewhere in those times,  but look forward to this!
I've been on iBrony, PhilomenaMagikz, Cutie Marks... this feels like coming home again after years away. Hoping to see some old faces I haven't seen in a long time, and plenty of new ones.
Chess Checker
Returning user from iB G1. Hello, all!
Echo Synth
How did I miss this?

I joined iBrony in spring of 2012 and fell headfirst into RPing with Doctor Whooves. I stuck around through most of it (with a short break to try out BronyNet in 2013) and then followed onto PhM after iBrony died. I tried out PonySquare, BronySquare, Cutiemarks, all the big name pony sites, but none of them held the magic of the original iB.
So I moped around Skype and Discord for ten years until suddenly, by chance, I discovered that iBrony had returned from the grave to feast upon the spirits of... I mean, to provide a wonderful social platform for all creatures pony. And here I am, much to everyone's dissapointment.
Pegono Comet
Hello, I'm Pegono Comet. 10 years passed by fast, and I'm surprised I'm somehow still here.
I was in iBrony, to PhM, and I was more into the IRC chat of the time when it was available.
I grew up a lot. I'm thankful for the moments I got to experience here and grateful for the patience people had with me.
If I did anything wrong, then I apologize on that.
Regardless, I'm glad to be back and I hope to meet old and new faces!
Heaven Beat
Hi! I'm Heaven Beat and I can definitely say I've grown up around brony chatrooms/websites like these. I think when I originally joined the site I was barely 11? Now I'm 22, still much into MLP and still into drawing them just way way better. It's been such a long time since I've put myself back out into social spaces due to embarrassment of how I was when I was little. I mean, I've had discord but we know how promising that can be. I hope I get to see more returning users and even new ones pop up here and there! I'm set on making more MLP art and less drama along the way :D It's good to be back. :sparkling_heart:
I'm Crashie, used to be on the old IB/CM/PHM sites back in the day. been a while since i've looked into the mlp communities really, been busy with life and studies.  hope to see more known faces from before and potentially speak to new/old friends again.   It feels nostalgic to be back again.
Kiriah Aishi
I'm just here to see how long until I'm banned for past transgressions. :D Even though I've calmed the heck down over the years. 
  ~Formerly Violyre
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Lauda Dash
Blessings to you!
I am Lauda Dash. I used the old IBrony, Pony Square, PhM, Canterlot Avenue, and others back when they were still around. The guy above poked me and gave me a heads-up that IB was back. We'll see how long it lasts this time. Although I am barely active these days, I sure do hope to see some more friendly faces in here. It feels great to be back.
Hello all!
I'm Arekkusu, former iBrony and PhM user who went by the name of Equinox back in the day. Will most likely lurk around the site, but it's good to be back nonetheless! Hoping to run into some old friends as time goes on <3
holy heck it is 2012 all over again lol I'm Whisper I was RainbowClash on og iBrony and created Whisper at some point before it ended :P iBrony PHM cutiemarks I was in and around. dropped off heavey, transitioned and now here it is iBrony is back Bayyybeee and I'm seeing all these familier profile pics and it's just wonderfull.
Air Wing
A decade. Doesn't quite sink in so I shall begin where I can remember I left off. I'm no longer in the United States Air Force, and now work in a powdered metal plant. I've given up on RPing, but that has been replaced with writing. Also, basically a full on furry now. Glad to see some old faces and I'm sure I'll see plenty of new faces. Oh! You may recognize my name as Vinyl, the blue and white Dutch Angel Dragon. 
It's me. The blue horse. I was very active on ib, phm, and some of the other brony sites back in the day. I also helped out with the derpcraft servers which still exist. My memories of the old ibrony days aren't great. I was pretty mean to people back then and often got involved in drama which I'm not proud of. Now I'm still mean but in a funny way.
Neon Synthwave
I found out about the site's revival through a discord server
Ratchet Wrench
Y'all know who I am. XD

But its good to see you guys again.