Hello everypony, I, the GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie, have graciously created this thread as a welcome discussion.

Whether you're new here or have some history, I comma- er we would all be delighted in hearing your stories as I welcome you to iBrony!


Twilight and her band of boobs didn't think it was possible, but that's just how GREAT and POWERFUL I am!


I have my own history with iBrony, however that is for another time and place, for now I must go!



It's me. The blue horse. I was very active on ib, phm, and some of the other brony sites back in the day. I also helped out with the derpcraft servers which still exist. My memories of the old ibrony days aren't great. I was pretty mean to people back then and often got involved in drama which I'm not proud of. Now I'm still mean but in a funny way.
Neon Synthwave
I found out about the site's revival through a discord server
Ratchet Wrench
Y'all know who I am. XD

But its good to see you guys again.
Acry Weaver
Hellooo!!! Found out about this from the PhilomenaMagikz Discord server!
I was Acrylic Splash, when I joined in 2012, I've only updated my look and name since then, jumping on every single pony site :3
I was completely addicted to forum roleplay, and adding everyone. And I was an artist, that one is still the same! <3
I found out about this through a friend, I have jumped around on a few sites in the past, from ponysquare to CA and a couple more, though considering personal situations at the time never stayed too long in the last places, though having everything back on track and better then before, I am happy to say I joined in here, I am currently a beginning artist though mainly fill bases and make custom backgrounds for personal use, I still enjoy writing quite a bit so may post something in the future, unlike before I also fully enjoy social interactions with others, so no doubt ill be posting often more then I used to at least.

looking forward to meeting and talking with you all.
Harmonic Hooves
Blue horse here.  I was a massive dick back in the day, yada yada, but as with the rest of y’all, I’ve managed to reflect and grow into a slightly more tolerable person.  I mean, I’m about to finish undergrad and be a music educator, so I’d call that an improvement from chronic truancy and social ineptitude.  My hobbies haven’t really changed, though: computer science, outdoorsy stuff, baking, whatever.  Oh, and I fell into the brony→furry pipeline. ¶ Anyway, my memory is absolutely shot, as I’ve mentioned prior; I was on Seroquel for a portion of my adolecense and as such remember very little of 2013–15 at this point.  That being said, please forgive me if I misremember some stuff or don’t remember you at all.  Kind of in the same vein, I’ve been compiling a directory of former iBrony and PhilomenaMagikz users so that these memories aren’t completely lost to the sands of time. ¶ (edit: attempted paragraph breaks and eventually pilcrows)
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What can I say, it's been a while, god damn. I joined iBrony pretty early into it's life and quickly rose up the ranks to helping out with staff stuff despite not being staff myself. Eventually I did become staff and the rest is kind of history. IB died, started PhM with Ratchet, went solo owner for a bit, site died because of some stupid circumstances, and now somehow some way, iBrony has risen back again. It's pretty surreal and it feels like coming full circle. Never having a proper resolution or send off to iBrony or PhM, feels weird to come back again.
I've mainly returned to the furry community after I took a hiatus prior to my brony phase. I don't really use LB that much anymore, but it is nice to go through all the art I got of him back then. It'll be interesting to see what happens with this site.
Nylten Emeda
Hi, I'm Nylten the Pegasus. I joined iBrony in late 2012 and left just as I was going through my second teenage phase (early twenties). Ten years is a lot to reflect upon, change, and grow. Eventually I became who I am today; more grounded with that sense of self. With my pony, she no longer has that evil side of Lynnet, which reflects myself becoming whole. She's also more of an observer of life and will go where the wind takes her...mainly with art.
It's nice to come back and see old faces again. Hopefully more will return so we can share our crazy experiences along with even welcoming fans of the newer generation.
im a chair :) 
Lavender Dawn
I am only here to sit on chair.
Daisy Chain
I'm new to this site unlike most people here and actually joined because of something negative because I was curious 
Hello! I am ƒluttershy, also known as Fancy F Fluttershy. I originally joined iBrony early-mid 2012 but I do not remember a lot about of this website aside from a handful of members and some hijinks I would get caught up in. Original iBrony helped me find a local brony community and made a good amount of friends, some I still hang out with today. I was deep into using Facebook during iBrony's original downfall so I was completely unaware of the drama that was going on with the site at the end.
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Techie Screenglow
Ayyy, I just found out about this site a few minutes ago after I was showing a friend a screenshot of old ibrony from a decade ago and he randomly decided to go to the site and we both found out that it's somehow not dead? So I decided to sign up and here I am. I was on the original ibrony a decade ago and philomenamagikz all the way until they both died, and I thought that was it. I'm honestly surprised to see this revived!
G-Day, I'm Praise! I'm brand new to this site, but I've been active in the Brony community since 2013. I'm in Australia, so I was mainly active on the Bronies Australia forums back in the day, until they eventually shut down. I heard about this place, ironically, from someone on the essentially dead PonyCrush lol But yeah, always eager to join whatever pony socials come around, so HELLO!! :)
Well I'm certain I didn't make myself known on the site at 13, but those of you who were active in the IRC chats may remember an annoying kid roleplaying the Turret Pony and nearly getting banned daily for tALKinG lIkE tHIs. (history I wish to erase)
Found out the site got revived like 30 minutes ago while browsing the wayback machine for nostalgia sake.