Heaven Beat

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The sunshine glimmered across the fields that had been just watered from the weather ponies’ selected rain clouds and the breeze left Ponyville with a fresh gust of that rain-water smell. While most had shopping or baking or just somewhere to be, the fillies and colts would run through the small puddles of mud and get each other messy to their parents' dismay. The day had begun for most; the sun was high in the sky, being only a little past noon when a grey mare flew through town, humming to herself. She was given an important task by her boss, one that seemed unfitted of her. Nonetheless, she bumped into a door, knocked and placed the golden envelope within the mail slot as well as her "derpy" self could. She did this as many times as there was plenty to give out; The envelope was royally stamped with the official princesses' seal, shimmering even in light to no light.

Once opened, it read: "The Princesses of Equestria gleefully request the pleasure of your company at the Grand Galloping Gala. This event is to be held in the magnificent capital city of Canterlot, with expenses paid for, up to three days. Please join us for a night of social gather, dancing and dinner." It described formal attire was mandatory and that the ticket encased would grant access to the event. 

Cleaned up in your best dress/suit and getting over the beautiful view of Canterlot's night skyline, you exit your carriage and stand at the red carpet lining the way to the ball. This would be the best night ever!