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by on August 16, 2023

I've decided I'm gonna try and make this a daily thing I do since I don't have much else to talk about :0 I was on the journey to watch every single MLP episode with the goal of ranking and reviewing them all in a consistent order in my opinion. The site has been kinda quiet and so have I since the hospital so, why not post it here?


Random Disclaimer! This is all in my opinion, duh- It will be written as me retelling what happens in the episode and how I felt about it.This is all for fun and I don't really have beef with any of the technicolor magic equines from this show so take my reviews with a grain of salt! Spoilers to a ten year old show? Yeah???



Episode 1 and 2, Part 1/2: Friendship is Magic



The very first episode touches on our main character’s personality and knowledge as it paints a picture right out of a storybook. The legend goes that the two royal sisters responsible for the sun and moon respectfully had ruled side by side; that is, until the younger of the two got jealous and resented her sister for the ponies' joyous play in her sun- meanwhile they’d hide away at night. Moon horse turns into Mare of the Moon, Mare of the Moon gets locked up by her sister, yadda yadda. I’m sure you’ve watched this episode at least five times.


Twilight goes to ditch her friend’s party (we’ll come back to this.) in order to read more books about horse legend and at this point, Spike is the best character. Twilight is dismissive and feels as if she must warn her teacher, THE SUN HORSE that the MOON HORSE is gonna break out of the moon. Spike tells her she’s being a baby and Celestia also follows suit, crushing Twilight’s heart. They get sent out to Ponyville because Celestia genuinely thinks Twilight needs to touch grass and meet someone who isn’t behind a screen.

 Twilight meets five ponies, all of them having their own quirks and personalities that clash with Twi’s; Twilight decides she actually hates Ponyville and the ponies in it. She’s trying to prove the princess wrong this entire time because she knows that the Mare of The Moon is gonna gobble up her teacher and wow big surprise Twilight was actually correct.


Twilight and her new band of ”friends” go searching for the Elements of Harmony to save the Princess of Equestria and defeat Nightmare Moon. All of them go on their own little journey of “self-discovery” as Twilight realizes that all of them represent a part of the Elements: Laughter, Honesty, Loyalty, Generosity and Kindness. All of these make the final Element show up, Magic. Twilight and her goons defeat Nightmare Moon and find out that it was in fact, Princess Luna. Luna gets a parade in her honor of coming back and Celestia says she wants Twilight to keep writing to her from Ponyville so she can stay with her “friends” and work on her studies there.




It was cute. I mean, yeah what do you expect from me? It was the first episode, I’ve seen it so many times that I can literally recite every line word for word. My main issue with this episode was that I really liked the background ponies from when Twilight was in Canterlot. Which actually brings up a good point of “What the fuck, Celestia?”. Twilight HAD friends in Canterlot, in the episode where we finally meet Moondancer, it’s clear that they were some sort of close so why the hell would you send her away from her FRIENDS to go on a FRIENDSHIP mission where she needs FRIENDS to answer the riddle about FRIENDS. The literal name of the episode is the name of the show!! And the first thing we get is Twi….leaving…HER FRIENDS!!!!


I think that if Twilight wasn’t literally ordered to make friends in Ponyville, she would’ve never had chosen the rest of the Mane Five because they kinda…suck?? There’s so many moments where every single pony (mainly Rainbow) sucks as a friend. “They’re learning friendship together!” yeah i can tell, they have never had a single friend in the history of ever.


Also just in case you were curious, My favorite ponies in order are:


Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight and Rainbow Dash (FUCK RD)



Friendship is…Magic????

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Man I agree with this. It always felt like Twilight didn't become friends with the ponyville ponies because she wanted to, but more so she was forced, both by Celestia sending her there, and for waiting until the night of Nightmare Moon's release, somehow expecting Twilight to find 5 friends that em... View more
August 16, 2023